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झारखण्ड सरकार के भवन निर्माण विभाग के लिए वास्तुविद (आर्किटेक्ट) का पैनल तैयार करने हेतु अभिरुचि आमंत्रण सुचना एवं ऑनलाइन आवेदन www.bcdjharkhand.gov.in के Architect Empanelment में जाकर किया जा सकेगा |

Principal Secretary's Message

We, The Building Constrution Dept., of Govt. of Jharkhand is always making its best efforts to ensure zero crisis of official and residential buildings at division, district and subdivision levels including judiciary. Our mission is also to maintain impeccable quality in the constructions in all aspects.

Welcome to the Building Construction Department

The objectives of the department are mentioned below:

1. Planning and designing building network to provide optimized connectivity to residential and non-residential govt. buildings of different departments.

2. Construction, renovation, upgradation and maintenance of residential and non-residential govt. buildings of different departments.

Before the year 1982, Road Construction, Building Construction and Rural Engineering Organisation were all under the Public Works Dept. (PWD). In the administrative view, Public Works Dept. was split into three different departments named: Road Construction Dept., Building Construction Dept. and Rural Engineering Organisation Dept. by the Cabinet Secretariat and Co-ordination Department's Memorandum No. CS-2-M2-10157/80-878, Patna dated 16th March, 1982. Its head-quarter is located at Project Bhawan, Dhurwa, Ranchi - 834005.

Key Contacts

Sri. Sunil Kumar, IAS, Secretary. Tel: +91-651-2400735.

Sri. Arbind Kumar Singh, Engineer-In-Chief Tel: +91-651-2401766

Sri. J.N Das, Chief Engineer Tel: +91-6512206238

Sri. Arvind kr. Mishra, Joint Secretary Tel: +91-9431147201

Sri. Om Kumar Singh, Deputy Secretary Tel: +91-9334714108

Sri. Umesh Kumar Singh, Deputy Secretary Tel: +91-9334714108

Sri. Ignatiyus Kullu, Under Secretary Tel: +91-9431904769

Sri Biglu Oraon, Under Secretary Tel: +91-9931555805

Sri Shambhunath Mishra, Under Secretary Tel: +91-9631015010